General fumigation is a practice that is followed by many people either monthly or quarterly in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Fumigation in Karachi is being performed by many companies but we are among professionals as we are using latest equipment and service which is done by our trained staff to provide best services to customers.

As there is a big issue of open garbage, pollution, lack of cleanness in our city so we have to face a big issue in our offices, food processing factories & in houses of cockroaches & flying insects. This may seem like given, but insects are attracted to dirt and filth because they are always looking for new sources of food. The easiest way to keep insects out of your home is by keeping it clean.


The Fumigation is about using a harmful chemical to control different types of crawling and flying insects against pest only not for humans. Apart from killing the live pests, it also disables their entire life cycle by killing eggs and other potential re-births. Hence, if done properly, fumigation could be an effective and long-lasting way to rid homes and other places of nasty and unhealthy pests. While hiring the fumigators you must be sure that they will follow the right procedure and process. It is not about simply injecting the gas all around the place. Proper care and caution has to be taken. The entire place should be sanitized, and only then should the process start. Professional fumigation service providers will inspect the entire area and ensure that it is free from pets, children, food and other sources of contamination and possible poisoning. Once this has been ensured, the fumigation process will start carefully. The possible exit routes of pests will have to be closed once the job is done.

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