A majority of countries have very strict policy and do not allow the import of goods/commodities unless the shipping containers have undergone container fumigation processes at their pickup location. We have been providing services of having more than 40 years of experience in this technical business. This is essentially why most countries have made it mandatory for shippers and carriers to ensure cargo fumigation before loading and shipping cargo for transportation. It is only through concentrated international efforts that these insects can continue to be stopped. What does the process of cargo fumigation entail? More importantly why is container fumigation so necessary for global safety? The freight containers are mostly treated with chemicals that kill insects before shipping. Pest control is implemented to protect the cargo from being damaged by insects during the rather long transport time, and thereby to prevent the spread of unwanted organisms and to avoid commodity from damage. Container/cargo fumigation has to be move out very carefully and by professionals, certified, well-qualified fumigation services operators. It could be very dangerous if the task is not performed carefully as the fumigants used are very toxic to humans, plants, and animals alike.

We as a container fumigation service provider engaged in this industry since a long time period that has facilitated us to enhance know-how associated with any type of fumigation. Comparably, we possess a profound understanding of the wooden pallets fumigation need and accordingly act on that. Furthermore, we as a wooden pallets fumigation service provider confirm that the provided wooden pallets fumigation service is strongly in the conformity of the ISPM15 standard regulation. We as an authorized wooden pallets fumigation service provider exploit methyl bromide to reduce the risk of the introduction and spread of unwanted quarantine insects that result from the usage of wooden pallets for shipping items round the world. Moreover, you will get every treated wooden pallets assigned with a special code that represent the pallets have undergone the fumigation treatment.


When completed, you can be sure that disinfection and cleaning have been carried out using approved safety procedures, tools and products that are compliant with safety regulations. It is very necessary to get sanitizing services near your premises or compulsory in offices as there are many employees & staff members who came from different areas on regular basis and has to commute among the people. The completion report will help to reassure your staff, customers and visitors that the premises are safe again.

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