Global fumigation Services provide Fumigation certificate for export consignments and agriculture goods/commodities of import and export such as cereals, oilseeds, pulses, tobacco, rice ,wheat and other goods, wood packaging and vegetable stuffing certifying that they have been fumigated.

A fumigation certificate is a document that can provide as a confirmation that any wooden packing materials (i.e., wooden pallets) or any other commodity used in a cargo shipment have been fumigated. It is also very important factor that not all the Fumigation companies can provide Fumigation certificates as the registered companies are only eligible for this professional job. Fumigation certificate is compulsory when exporting internationally. It is required for wood-derived products like cardboard, particle board, artwork or any other man-made materials. It is also important that a fumigation certification must contain details such as treatment purposes, fumigants used, the date of fumigation, the amount of time they were used for, and a temperature range during the fumigation process.


The details required on a fumigation certificate are information about what the purpose of the fumigation treatment was and a list of the fumigants used. Additionally, the amount of time these fumigants were used and the temperature range during fumigation must be detailed. The ISPM 15 recognizes four different approaches to eliminating the possible problems caused by insects and contaminants contained in shipping wood. Our fumigation process is undertaken with the use of latest products that require minimal exposure time that means you can move export/import contents quickly with peace of mind that your exports will surely be cleared for shipping. For some cases, we can provide fumigation services using with organic and pesticide-free restrictions without sacrificing effectiveness of the treatment.

We just only require company details & invoice of the commodity that is been exporting from Pakistan which includes its total weight,

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