We provide Phytosanitary certificate for export consignments and agriculture goods/commodities of import and export such as tobacco, oilseeds, pulses, cereals, wheat, rice and other goods, wood packaging and vegetable stuffing certifying that they have been fumigated or examined.

A Phytosanitary certificate when any Consignment which passes through a country without being imported, and without being exposed in that country to contamination or infestation by pests. The consignment may not be split up, combined with other consignments or have its packaging changed (formerly country of transit). It include commodities such as plants, bulbs and tubers, or seeds for propagation, fruits and vegetables, cut flowers and branches, grain, and growing medium We are authorized to award the Phytosanitary Certification that the government awards to state that a surveyed crop/area where production occurs is free of specific diseases Phytosanitary certificates are issued to indicate that consignments of plants, plant products or other regulated articles meet specified Phytosanitary import requirements and are in conformity with the certifying statement of the appropriate model certificate. Phytosanitary certificates should only be issued for this purpose


We have been amongst the fumigators who are pioneer in Export & Domestic Fumigation and having a 40 years of experience with a very vast list of satisfied clients so that we alert to stay away from fraudulent certificates which include containing false or misleading information, issued by persons or organizations or other entities that are not authorized by DPP, not authorized by the DPP, issued on forms not authorized by the issuing NPPO.

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