We, Global Fumigation Services are rated as one of the best Commercial fumigation companies based in Pakistan. Our services are covered throughout Pakistan. We offer exterminator services to businesses array from small office space to large warehouses and industries. All our fumigation services are tailor-made to fit your need. We guarantee you an outstanding customer service from our highly trained field staff. When you need fumigation services conduct effectively and safely, Global Fumigation Services has the experience, equipment and manpower for the job. Over the past several years, our professionals have fumigated many task such as Termite control treatment, Bedbugs control treatment, Cockroaches control treatment, Rats control treatment, Disinfection services, Lizards control treatment, Snakes control treatment and Water tank cleaning services.

In our Commercial Fumigation services program, we not only grab pest activity in the initial stages when our treatment is most effective, but it also provides historical records that allow us to predict seasonal pest pressures and plan for them before they can occur again. Commercial businesses, mostly those in the food service industry, are specially prone to pest problems. The pest pressures in a restaurant, bakery and food market are already high, with their intense kitchen usage and constant pedestrian traffic.


Our commercial Fumigation services include commercial facilities in Pakistan including all cities. Whether you manage industry, food factory, go down, warehouses, apartment buildings, retail shops or offices we can effectively control whatever insects & termite’s problem you may have. Your employees will be happy with our finest fumigation services to rid the premises of rats, termites, cockroaches and flying pests, including bees, wasps and hornets. Global Fumigation services will assure you employee morale high with discrete and effective treatments while continue high standards consistent with mandatory health and safety regulations.

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