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We have been providing coronavirus disinfection services in a large scale from first wave in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad to protect our country nation. To get a disinfection services in Karachi is now has been common practice among the people as there are many deaths and symptoms declared of Covid-19. Disinfectant spray for corona is very effective on surfaces... if performed by professional team and reupdated old company. Our team is engaged in providing services at Residence, Banks, Factories, Warehouses, Offices, Showrooms, Hospitals, Hotels, Universities, Schools, Institutes, Apartments etc. Global Fumigation Services is using WHO approved and UK imported disinfectant products as per the guidelines of WHO & US EPA's for use against novel coronavirus. Our sanitizing services in Karachi is also performed for cleaning services as the products are also effective for Germs and bacteria’s in different places or surfaces. For a precautionary measure we recommend everyone to get Disinfection services in Karachi and other cities as one can also took a part to save others life and to also take other precautionary measures as well. We have been not just started a sanitizing service in this pandemic, but we have been doing it for many years before too in many hospitals to stay safe from other Germs and Bacteria’s too. Global fumigation services are significantly less expensive and affordable than the cost of a recall or outbreak as there is a very bad impact on publics financial position but although we use only 100% Authentic products for disinfection/sanitizing purpose.


Global Fumigation Services is leading company for termite proofing in Karachi. We assure you Professional and best effective service from all other companies as we are 40 years old in this business using all latest equipment with trained staff.Our service process in first step is that the drilling is required for floor by side walls to make sure ... that the chemical is reaching to every corner for having a maximum effect on the house to prevent for termites (deemak). Our services has been expanded in all over Pakistan in major cities. The demand of termite control services in Karachi is getting rapidly increase as the construction work is increasing day by day, and after that many local businesses have been switched into Pest control industry without having any experience or proper training. Our clients have the best reviews for our company and for our staff that’s why we have been working Karachi, Lahore Islamabad and other cities. It is very important step to select a good pest control company that will better assist you. A trusted professional such as global fumigation services can help to termite-proof your property during the pre-construction phase. In our projects, we use premium chemicals such as Fipronil group onto the construction site where a building is constructed. This will eventually be passed on to the other termites to successfully remove the colony. Have u ever lookout for indications of termite specially on wood (this is especially important when house-hunting), and to hire a qualified pest-control technician to inspect your property on a periodic basis. While process of homes construction/renovation the termite proofing services as well as termite spray should be carried out to avoid any damage in future. There are many companies who are providing termite proofing in Karachi but we are best among the all as we give 5 years authentic warranty.


We have a experience of 4 decades of treating Wooden Pallets Fumigation in different industries, factories mills & in Karachi port. Our staff is very well trained & equipped with all necessary equipment and handle all task with safety precautions. Global fumigation services provide service strictly as per industry specified quality guidelines by using raw materials and technology of... the best quality. We also provide IPPC Stamp which applies only to wood packaging materials (both coniferous and non-coniferous) made with solid wood as the customs check the pallets of shipping products when importing to their countries. This international standard is not applicable to wood packaging material manufactured solely for domestic use. Normally the IPPC standard (ISPM-15) allows for two treatment methods – fumigation with methyl bromide heat treatment. As carrying out a fumigation treatment involves lot of know-how, technical aspects and lethal gases, therefore it should be got done through a trained and authorized agency only which are regulated by the concerned Government authorities


We are providing pest control service in karachi, lahore & islamabad which includes bedbugs spray, control of termites,... spraying for termites, termite treatment, termite control service, bedbugs treatment and bedbugs fumigation.


To such a problem export fumigation treatment is right choice, has a simple, economical and effective procedure of removing insects ...and pests from the containers or warehouses. We have fumigated millions of tons of different agriculture items in Shipholds as well as in Containers


Global fumigation Services has been the pioneer fumigation organization in Pakistan to introduce and work on Methyl Bromide Fumigation for 4 decades having a huge list of clients in different cities. We have been carried out numerous Vessel fumigations... at Karachi port by using methyl bromide. Methyl bromide is the widely used fumigant for quarantine purposes. Methyl Bromide is a liquid under pressure that turns into a gas when released after heating. Global Fumigation Services under take efficient pest controlling measures to maintain a high-quality service. All fumigation€™s are carried out by our trend experienced fumigators who are carrying out fumigation with methyl bromide & phosphide. Methyl bromide is widely adopted first for plant quarantine purposes because many fruits, vegetables and some plants were found to be tolerant to concentrations effective against the insects.We have been used Methyl bromide gas extensively as an industrial fumigant for stored products, mills, rice, warehouses, ships and many other agricultural items.

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To such a problem export fumigation treatment is right choice, has a simple, economical and effective procedure of removing insects and pests from the containers or warehouses. It is advisable to employ export fumigation in a warehouse used to store the commodities before exporting and containers which are used pack commodities for exporting in the cargo. Prior fumigation prevents the large fumigation expenditure and keeps your goods contamination free throughout the voyage. Methyl bromide is frequently used for fumigating timber, agricultural products, empty containers, food stuffs, and other agricultural produce. We achieve export fumigation service by employing either of the below chemicals:
Methyl bromide.


. A trusted professional such as global fumigation services can help to termite-proof your property during the pre-construction phase. In our projects, we use premium chemicals such as Fipronil group onto the construction site where a building is constructed. This will eventually be passed on to the other termites to successfully eradicate the colony. The best way to avoid getting termites is to be on the lookout for signs of infestation (this is the best way to avoid getting termites is to be on the lookout for signs of infestation . Our Professional team will conduct an inspection in order to correctly identify the problem and will then discuss possible avenues of treatment with homeowners.


If you suspect that you're being bitten by bedbugs, immediately inspect your home for the insect. Global fumigation services providing fumigation services in Karachi with technical equipment, carrying all safety equipment with trained team to entertain customer properly. Thoroughly examine crevices in walls, mattresses and furniture. Bedbugs can enter your home through undetected luggage, clothing, couches and used beds, and other items. We are also providing services in Islamabad Lahore and other cities too as we are very old and experienced in the business. Gas fumigant with Aluminum phosphide (CH4) is scientifically proven to be 100% effective against all stages of bed bug life and their eggs. Bedbugs can also be found in To fully eradicate these unwanted houseguests (Bedbugs) global fumigation services can eliminate the bed bugs so everyone in your home can get a goodnights rest. Bedbugs can also be found in mattresses, baseboards, wardrobe, bedframes and surrounding furniture near your bed. Don't never ever try to use any formula or chemical as Bed bugs are pesky little critters that can be impossible to get rid of without the help of a professional fumigators..


The rats in our house were really, really difficult to deal with. We have tried all kinds of traps,harmful chemicals and baits available in the markets, but they just didn't work. At some point in time, we realized that we just couldn't solve the problem ourselves, so coperate sectors found Global Fumigation Services which has a vast experience of De ratting in factories &,houses & ships with 100% effective results


General fumigation is a practice that is followed by many people either monthly or quarterly in karachi,lahore and islamabad . Fumigation in karachi is being perfomed by many companies but we are among professionals as we are using latest equipment and service is done by trained staff to avoid any complain from customers. The Fumigation is about using a harmful chemicals to control different types of crawling and flying insects against pest only not for humans . Apart from killing the live pests, it also disables their entire life cycle by killing eggs and other potential re-births. Hence, if done properly, fumigation could be an effective and long-lasting way to rid homes and other places of nasty and unhealthy pests. While hiring the fumigators you must be sure that they will follow the right procedure and process. It is not about simply injecting the gas all around the place. Proper care and caution has to be taken. The entire place should be sanitized, and only then should the process start. Professional fumigation service providers will inspect the entire area and ensure that it is free from pets, children, food and other sources of contamination and possible poisoning. Once this has been ensured, the fumigation process will start carefully. The possible exit routes of pests will have to be closed once the job is done.


Prevention is better than cure protect yourself from surrounding bacteria and viruses with our WHO approved and UK imported Disinfectant Spray Service in Karachi.We assure you best services because we are leading fumigation company in karachi & 40 year oldest.Disinfect your houses , offices , appartments , containers , industries , factories in competitive rates to fight against covid-19.

Cockroach Control Services

Cockroaches are one of the most common household insects, found especially in Kitchen, Washroom, Elmira, Covert, Furniture, Cloths, and Paper etc. They feed on the entire food item that is consumable by human beings. Cockroaches are vectors for disease as they carry organisms on their bodies that can be potentially harmful to humans and animals. To control this pathogenic pest, we apply the gel treatment that is very effective, safe & eco-friendly in nature & there is no need to vacate your premises also.

Gel Treatment is based on the new generation chemical which is highly effective & eco-friendly and used for different types of roaches control with single feeding effect. Once the treatment is applied, its effect will last up to 2 months or until the bait is consumed or destroyed. The application will be directed to the harborages and in the area where water is not used on regular basis. It is not volatile, therefore there are not airborne active ingredients (a.i.) released.

Mosquito Control Services

Mosquitoes is also one of the most nuisance flying insect, which can not only cause a lot of inconvenience but also lead to serious health concerns like malaria and skin reactions from bites. Water sources are breeding grounds for these tiny deadly pests.

Fogging : Fogging treatment to be applied i.e. spreading of chemical gases homogeniously in the environment to control the adult mosquitoes. Treatment is also done on the stagnant water to control the mosquitoe's larvae, which are mainly responsible for spreading diseases. Outdoor mosquito pest control on a regular basis is also one that needs attention. Have your home, office and surroundings sealed from the mosquito problem?

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It include commodities such as plants, bulbs and tubers, or seeds for propagation, fruits and vegetables, cut flowers and branches, grain, and growing medium We are authorized to award the Phytosaintary Certification that the government awards to state that a surveyed crop/area where production occurs is free of specific diseases.

We provide a Fumigation Certificate in agriculture goods/commodities of import and export such as cereals, oilseeds, pulses, rice ,wheat and other goods, wood packaging and vegetable stuffing certifying that they have been fumigated.

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